Lost and Found



Lost pets

All pets currently at the Whitby Animal Services Centre are shown below. We need your help to reunite these missing pets with their owners. If you have information on any of the animals listed, please contact us.

Photo Gallery: Animal Services - Lost will appear here on the public site.

Losing your pet can be distressing. To find your pet, conduct a search of the nearby area where the pet was last seen, visit the Whitby Animal Services Centre and other area shelters and consider posting signs with a photo of your pet and your contact information. Lastly, try not to get discouraged. It may take several weeks to find your pet.

Reclaiming your pet

Proof of ownership is required to reclaim a pet from the Whitby Animal Services Centre. A current rabies vaccination certificate, a pet identification tag, veterinary records, or even a photograph will suffice. Pet owners must also bring their personal identification. Each time a cat or dog is returned to its owner, we must also verify proof of a current rabies vaccination and pet identification tag. We hold all stray animals for at least five days before they are made available for adoption.

Please note that there are fees payable to pick-up a stray animal from Whitby Animal Services. These fees are charged in order to offset the costs incurred by Whitby Animal Services to provide this service to residents. In addition to the basic pick-up fees there is an additional $35.00 (plus HST) per day pound fee required for each day your pet is at the Whitby Animal Services Centre. Additionally, the owner of an impounded cat or dog must purchase a pet identification tag if the animal is not currently registered with the Town of Whitby. Lastly, there may also be a fee for any necessary veterinary services provided to your pet while in our care.

What to do if you find a pet

Notify us and we will make arrangements to pick up the found pet at your convenience during our normal business hours. If you find a pet after hours, please keep the animal safe and contact us a soon as we're open.