Whitby Cycling and Leisure Trails Plan



On June 21, 2010 Council adopted, in principle, the recommendations contained in the Whitby Cycling and Leisure Trails Plan following the completion of a study.

The vision for the Cycling and Leisure Trails Plan encompasses three key objectives:

  • For our families : Create links and routes in neighbourhoods that are comfortable for families to use so that they can walk or ride to school and access local neighbourhood destinations comfortably.
  • Getting to work : Create links and routes that provide access from the residential neighbourhoods to the employment and commercial centres in Whitby and in adjacent municipalities.
  • Linking the Waterfront and rural Whitby: Create comfortable routes that provide access to the Waterfront Trail and its amenities, and to the quiet roads in rural Whitby to the north.

A high level strategic plan, the Whitby Cycling and Leisure Trails Plan is provides a number of recommendations related to: a connected network of cycling and leisure trails with priority segments identified; design tools to create the network and facilities; supporting policies and related initiatives, and monitoring, asset management, and maintenance.