The Treasury division is responsible for: accounting; accounts payable and receivable; income investment and control; financial statements; and the sale, rental, and purchase of Town property.

Development Related Fees

Federal Gas Tax Funding

The Federal Gas Tax Fund originally committed approximately $1.9 billion to Ontario municipalities for environmentally sustainable infrastructure over a five -year period (2005 to 2009). The Federal Government has committed to extend Federal Gas Tax Funding for an additional four years. This provides municipalities in Canada with an additional $2 billion per year from 2010 to 2014 under the Building Canada Plan. Municipalities can apply this funding to infrastructure projects that promote cleaner water, cleaner air, or reduced greenhouse gas emissions and help address a massive, province-wide infrastructure deficit.

For each project completed by the Town of Whitby under this program, an Outcomes Report is completed and submitted to the Association of Municipalities of Ontario. The public can obtain information on this program by contacting the Treasury Division.