Site Plan Approval



A site plan establishes both the design and technical aspects of development proposals. It also ensures that the project contributes to an attractive streetscape and skyline, blends with the character of the neighbourhood or local business area, and meets the Town's and Region of Durham's requirements for site servicing. Site plan approval is regulated by Section 41 of the Ontario Planning Act.

The entire Town of Whitby is designated by Council as a "Site Plan Control Area". A building permit cannot be issued and development cannot begin until site plan approval has been obtained.

Under the legislation, Whitby can request site plans showing the locations of all facilities and works, elevation drawings showing massing and conceptual design, landscape plans, vehicular and pedestrian access, parking, and grading and drainage. Site plan applications that include the provision of new external lighting are subject to the Town of Whitby Lighting Guidelines. Site Plan applications that include landscape plans are subject to the Landscape Plan Guidelines for Site Plan and Subdivision Developments.

The Town requires that a mandatory pre-consultation meeting be held prior to submission of an application for Site Plan Approval. Please contact the Planning Department.





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