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Town Page

Whitby's Town Page features news about events, public notices, construction and more. The Town Page is available online and will also appear as a regular feature in the local print newspapers.





November 5

November 12

November 19

November 26

October 1

October 8

October 15

October 22

October 29

September 3

September 10

September 17

September 24


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Council Highlights

Council Highlights provides a snapshot of Town programs, projects and initiatives addressed at Council meetings.

February 3 | Council Highlights

Previous Editions - 2019

November 25 | Council Highlights

October 28 | Council Highlights

September 24 | Council Highlights

June 25 | Council Highlights

May 28 | Council Highlights

April 16 | Council Highlights

March 5 | Council Highlights

February 20| Council Highlights

January 22| Council Highlights

Previous Editions - 2018
September 18 | Council Highlights

June 26 | Council Highlights

June 5 | Council Highlights

May 8 | Council Highlights

April 17 | Council Highlights

March 20 | Council Highlights

February 23 | Council Highlights

January 30 | Council Highlights

 Previous Editions - 2017

December 12 | Council Highlights

November 20 | Council Highlights

October 30 | Council Highlights

October 10 | Council Highlights

September 18 | Council Highlights

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The Whitby Perspective

The Perspective informs residents of Town projects and initiatives, upcoming events and provides helpful information about Town services and programs. This newsletter is available online and delivered to residents by mail twice each year.

Fall 2020 Edition

Whitby Perspective Fall 2020


Previous Editions - 2020

Summer 2020 Edition

Spring 2020 Edition

Previous Editions - 2019

Winter 2019 Edition

Fall 2019 Edition

Summer 2019 Edition

Spring 2019 Edition

 Previous Editions - 2018

Winter 2018 Edition

Fall 2018 Edition

Summer 2018 Edition

Spring 2018 Edition

 Previous Editions - 2017

Winter 2017 Edition

Fall 2017 Edition

Spring 2017 Edition

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Explore + Experience Whitby Magazine

This annual magazine serves residents and visitors as a go-to guide for all of the unique things to see and do in Whitby.

Read the Explore + Experience Whitby Magazine - 2019 Edition.

Read the Explore + Experience Whitby Magazine - 2018 Edition.

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Waste Collection Calendar

The Waste Collection Calendar is delivered to residents in the regular mail. If you have not received your calendar, please contact the Operations Centre 905.668.3437 or visit any Town facility to pick up a copy. You can also download an electronic version.

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Recreation Activity Guide

Learn more about what is currently being offered for recreation programming.

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