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Business during COVID 19

In order to do our part in fighting COVID-19, Town Hall remains closed, and staff in the Planning and Development Department are working from home until further notice. During this time, we will continue to provide services where possible, including:


  • General inquiries from residents, real estate agents, developers etc., will be received by e-mail at A return e-mail or phone call will be provided by a member of the Planning and Development Department or forwarded to the appropriate Department for response.

Planning Applications

  • Existing Applications: Submission of revisions to existing planning applications and plans will be accepted by courier at the main door of Whitby Town Hall, 575 Rossland Road East, and should be co-ordinated in advance with the Planner of record on the file.
  • New Applications: Submission of new planning applications will be continue to be received and processed. New applications will be required to be submitted by courier to the main door of Whitby Town Hall, 575 Rossland Road East. Whenever possible, applications should be commissioned by a Commissioner of Oaths in advance of submission.  Please email the Planning and Development Department at least 24 hours in advance, if you plan on submitting a new planning application. In addition to hard copies and digital memory sticks, applicants are encouraged to submit digital copies of the application(s) and supporting documentation through the Planning and Development Department's online request form:

The planner assigned will contact the applicant to provide information regarding electronic submissions.

Committee of the Whole and Council Meetings

  • Committee of the Whole and Council meetings will continue virtually. Please refer to for a schedule of the meetings and your ability to participate or view live stream.

Pre-consultation Meetings

  • Pre-consultation meetings are still required in advance of submission of planning applications by Preconsultation By-law 5967-07. Preconsultations will continue, through e-mail and/or by virtual meeting.
  • Please complete the pre-consultation form and submit the form and concept plan digitally to the Planning and Development Department via email at: Please submit a cheque to the Planning and Development Department through regular mail. The concept plan(s) will be circulated electronically to the appropriate agencies/departments and comments will be provided to the proponent or their representative electronically. Further clarification may be required prior to providing preliminary comments through e-mail or by virtual meeting.

Public Meetings

  • The Town is exploring alternative ways to host Statutory Public Meetings, Open Houses, and Public Information Centres, and will update this web page accordingly, as information becomes available. Please refer to for a schedule of the meetings and your ability to participate or view live stream or contact the Clerks Department for more information.

Building Permits

The Building Department is not open to the public.  However, the Building Division continues to do business and answer building permit questions - please email . If you would like to apply for a building permit we will work with you to provide information on a case by case basis.

If you have a complete permit application you can drop it off at the Town Hall and it will be sent to our Garden Street Branch. Building Permit applications will be reviewed and deficiencies will be emailed to applicant to be addressed. Construction can only take place if it is an essential service.

Please contact Building Division staff at  if you have any specific Building Permit questions.


  • Payments shall be made by cheque and either mailed to Planning and Development Department, 575 Rossland Road East, Whitby ON, L1N 2M8, or included with couriered submissions of hard copies.

Other Processes/Applications

  • For other processes or applications that are not listed, please contact the Planning and Development Department at  for additional information or for clarification.


Planning and Development Department

The primary responsibility of the Town of Whitby's Planning and Development Department is to assist Town Council and members of the public in matters related to land use planning.

Land use planning affects almost every aspect of life in the Town. It helps determine how our community should be shaped, where homes and businesses should be built, where parks and schools should be located, and where and how other essential services should be provided.

Good planning encourages public participation and leads to orderly growth and the efficient provision of services. It touches all of us and helps us to have the kind of community we want.

The Planning and Development Department oversees a variety of planning applications and special projects and consists of five sections:

Statutory Public Planning Meetings

A Statutory Public Planning Meeting is held under the Planning Act for certain types of development applications.  These Public Meetings will be held approximately once per month to provide the public with information, and to receive submissions, regarding development applications, prior to consideration by Council.  Statutory Public Planning Meetings are open to the public to provide an opportunity for individuals in attendance at the meeting to provide feedback on the application(s) being discussed.  Additional information regarding these meetings is available at:

Boards and Committees

Council and Committee Agendas

Council and Committee agendas are posted on the Wednesday prior to a meeting and are available online.

Current Agendas and Reports

Planning Fees

The Planning Fees page lists fees for various planning related applications.

Local Planning Appeal Tribunal (LPAT)

The Local Planning Appeal Tribunal (LPAT), formerly known as the Ontario Municipal Board (OMB), is a tribunal that hears cases (i.e. appeals) regarding a range of municipal land use planning matters, such as Official Plans, Zoning By-laws, plans of subdivision, heritage protection, and minor variances.  ,  

The Local Planning Appeal Support Centre helps people understand and navigate the land use planning and appeal process in Ontario.

For status, information and/or decisions regarding planning appeals in Whitby, please visit the LPAT's e-status webpage, and select Whitby.

Citizen's Guide to Land Use Planning (MMAH)

The Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing (MMAH) provides an in -depth look at the various types of planning applications and information ranging from The Planning Act to Official Plans, Subdivisions, Zoning By-laws, Land Severances, and the Ontario Municipal Board. To view this information, visit MMAH's Citizen's Guide to Land Use Planning website.

Land Use Planning Resources (MMAH)

The Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing has listed a number links to various webpages on their land use planning resources website: