Part Lot Control



Part Lot Control is a provision under the Planning Act that regulates the transfer or sale of part of a lot or block within a registered plan of subdivision. The Town uses this provision to prevent the further dividing of lots or blocks within a plan of subdivision, after that plan has been registered.

Exemption from Part Lot Control

Lots or blocks within a registered plan may be exempted from Part Lot Control to allow a property owner to legally divide his or her lot(s) or block(s). An application for Exemption from Part Lot Control can be submitted to the Town requesting that it temporarily "lift" Part Lot Control, by passing a By-law, to allow enough time for the applicant to complete the necessary procedures.

Once an application for Exemption from Part Lot Control has been submitted, staff review the request in consultation with other departments and/or agencies, and a By-law is prepared for Council's consideration.

It is recommended that you discuss your proposal with Planning Department staff prior to submitting the application. Your application should be accompanied by 40R plans illustrating the parts of lots in the subdivision that would be subject to the exemption. Application forms are available at the Planning Department or online.

Application Forms