Parks Recreation and Facilities



The Parks, Recreation, and Facilities Division administers the operations, programs, and services listed below.

The Parks, Recreation, Facilities Division provides, promotes and operates sport, leisure services and facilities that contribute greatly to the quality of life enjoyed by Whitby residents. Whitby's 121 municipal parks, excellent arenasswimming poolscommunity centreshealth club, and a first-class marina provide endless opportunities for active and passive recreational enjoyment - all complemented by approximately 60 kilometres of trails and 400 hectares of open space throughout the community. The Parks and Recreation Division develops and administers many of its own recreation programs, and staff work in collaboration and partnership with many Whitby organizations and community volunteers to provide a variety of sport and leisure programs and activities.

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Parks Development, Long Range Parks Planning, and Culture

This Division administers the preparation and implementation of parks policies and programs, plans for park development and studies for future parks and trails in Whitby. Responsibilities include:

  • Long range parks planning for parks and implementation of parks master plan action steps
  • Development and implementation of parks policies and programs
  • Parks and trails design and construction, including redevelopment and upgrade of aging parks
  • Development and implementation of playgrounds retrofit program
  • Developing and supporting programs that promote arts and culture in the community

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This Division administers a wide range of recreational programs and activities that benefit the community.

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Seniors Services

Whitby Seniors Services develops and administers recreational opportunities for residents 55 years of age and older.

Youth Services

Learn more about Seniors Services and Youth Services in Whitby. Check our Community Events and Festivals for special events throughout the year.


The Facilities Division administers the operations of the following facilities:

  • Iroquois Park Sports Centre
  • McKinney Centre
  • Luther Vipond Memorial Arena
  • Heydenshore Pavilion
  • Centennial Building
  • Cullen Central Park
  • Brooklin Community Centre and Library
  • Brooklin, Ashburn, and Spencer Community Centres

The facility responsibilities of Parks and Recreation include the following:

  • Administration, facility allocation, and permitting of scheduled sports and event activities
  • Management of all Town-developed arena programs, pro shop, and food and beverage operations
  • Oversight for the planning, development, and construction of new recreational facilities
  • Providing major mechanical and repair services to other Town-owned facilities

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