Land Division



Land Division, also known as Land Severance or Consent, is the division of land to create new parcels of land. Land Division may include the creation of new building lots, boundary readjustments, and registration of easements. Generally where more than three lots are proposed, a Plan of Subdivision application is required. Land Division is regulated by Section 50 of the Ontario Planning Act.

The Region of Durham is the approval authority for severance applications. The Region of Durham has delegated that authority to the Durham Region Land Division Committee. However, the Whitby Planning Department comments on severance applications located within the Town of Whitby, regarding conformity to the Town of Whitby Official Plan, compliance with the Town of Whitby Zoning By-laws, and other municipal standards.

For further information regarding Land Division in the Town of Whitby, please contact a member of the Development Control, Design and Technical Division at 905.430.4306.

For further information regarding the Durham Region Land Division Committee and applications for Land Division, please contact the Durham Region Planning Department:

Land Division Committee

Durham Region Planning Department
Regional Municipality of Durham
P.O. Box 623
605 Rossland Road East
Whitby ON L1N 6A3

Phone: 905.668.7711