Highway 7/12 Alternative Route Environmental Assessment



The Town has initiated a Provincial Class Environmental Assessment (EA) Study to determine an alternative route(s) for the provincial traffic through the Brooklin area. The Study will evaluate alternative corridors and recommend a preferred plan to address both the local and provincial traffic needs of the Study Area.

Currently the existing Provincial Highway 7/12 travels through Downtown Brooklin (Baldwin Street) as a 2-lane urban highway. An alternate route must be determined for provincial truck traffic, goods movement and motorists not destined to Downtown Brooklin.

Highway 7 12 alternative route map 

The EA will build on the previous Feasibility Study undertaken by the Town, which identified and assessed the feasibility of a range of alternate routes. The report for the Feasibility Study can be access using the following link:

Opportunities will be available throughout the Class EA process for interested persons to provide comments and an Interested Parties List will be maintained.

Study Contacts:

Paul Bumstead, B.E.S.
Project Manager
Town of Whitby
3050 Garden Street, Suite 102 Whitby, ON L1R 2G6
Tel: 905-430-5594

Steve Taylor,

P.Eng. EA Project Manager
BT Engineering Inc.
9040 Leslie Street, Unit 218 Richmond Hill, ON L4B 3M4
Tel: 905-709-4554

Notice of Study Commencement

 Final Study Design Report

Notice of Online Community Open House #1


Online Community Open House #1