Heritage and History



Walking Tours

Werden's Plan - This tour located in Downtown Whitby provides an overview of this residential area along with its important civic buildings including Centennial Building

Perry's Plan - This tour is also located in Downtown Whitby containing many diverse residential buildings and highlighting All-Saints Anglicann Church dating from 1865-66

Four Corners - The commercial heart of Downtown Whitby is highlighted.

Downtown Brooklin - This tour located in Downtown Brooklin showcases a diverse selection of traditional architecture styles from the mid-nineteenth to mid-twentieth centuries.

Port Whitby - This tour located in the Port Whitby area provides an overview of one of the communities that formed the original Town of Whitby in 1855.

Whitby's Camp X

Camp X was operating in the Town of Whitby and played a major role in World War II and during the Cold War.  Find out about this Spy Training Camp

Historical Research

There are several groups in Whitby who mailtain records on the history of the area, including books, newspaper articles, photos and maps.  If you are considering historical research on places, people, or events, the following groups or resources may be able to provide assistance.

The Whitby Archives is located in the Whitby Public Library at 405 Dundas Street West. It has a mandate to acquire, preserve, interpret, and make available, through a comprehensive archival collection, unpublished records of historical or cultural significance essential to the understanding of the heritage of Whitby and its people. The Library also has a comprehensive collection of books relating to local history. Staff at the Archives can provide you with an overview on how to research your property.  The Whitby Archives also maintains Whitby Images, an online database containing historical photographs and newspapers. Contact the archives directly by emailing archives@whitbylibrary.on.ca

In addition to the Town Archives resources, please review the Town of Whitby's Heritage Designation Package which contains an Appendix detailing the resources to review while researching their property if they are considering designation.

Whitby Historical Society - is the community group who runs the Lynde House Museum. Check out their virtual museum online  The museum is in the process of re-establishing itself at its new home of the Lynde House location at 910 Brock Street South. Click here for information on upcoming events at the museum. 

Durham Region Area Archives Group - is an advocacy and support group for the history of Durham Region and area.

Doors Open Whitby

Doors Open Whitby is a day-long tour of cultural sites held the first Saturday in May.

Heritage Planning

Visit the Heritage Planning page for information on designated heritage properties and districts