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Whitby Fire and Emergency Services (WFES) is comprised of 141 employees working in 4 Divisions, from 5 fire halls.

Fire Suppression is comprised of 124 personnel who respond to emergency calls on a 24/7 basis. When not responding to calls, they spend much of their time delivering public education programs, engaging in daily training activities, and maintaining equipment.

Risk Management and Education is comprised of 6 personnel tasked primarily with pro-active efforts including fire code building inspections, plans examination of new construction, public education program development and coordination, code enforcement, training, and fire investigations.

Fire Training and Professional Development consists of 3 personnel who are responsible for keeping the Department on the leading edge of emergency-related knowledge and techniques, as well as ensuring that WFES personnel are equipped with the skills and abilities to provide the highest level of quality services to the public.

Administration houses 8 personnel including the Fire Chief, 2 Deputy Chiefs, 4 Administration personnel, and 1 Logistics person. Administration provides the strategic direction for the Department and coordinates and processes the information needed to keep the Department operating effectively and efficiently.

Whitby Fire and Emergency Services is committed to providing the highest level of service to the residents of the Town of Whitby. We encourage residents to contact us with feedback about our service. Please view About Whitby Fire to learn more about our history as a Fire Department or to read our Vision, Mission and Core Values statements.

Community Partners

Wounded Warriors Canada

Whitby Fire and Emergency Services is pleased to have signed an agreement with Wounded Warriors Canada to signify our commitment to promote and support mental health awareness and education. This partnership will ensure Whitby Firefighters are able to respond effectively when faced with job related stress.










Home Fire Sprinkler Coalition Canada 

Whitby Fire and Emergency Services is pleased to be a Built for Life Fire Department with Home Fire Sprinkler Coalition Canada. Whitby Fire is committed to helping the community understand the life-saving importance of fire sprinkler systems in residential homes.

Fire sprinkler systems provide powerful protection from fire. They work automatically and immediately; before a fire spreads. Sprinklers put water at the source, slowing or stopping the spread of flames and poisonous smoke, so families can get out safely.

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Applications, Permits and Forms

Burn Permits

Emergency Contact Information

In case of an emergency, Whitby Fire and Emergency Services requests that business owners within the Town of Whitby complete the WFES Emergency Contact Information Form. The information contained within will be used to contact a key holder outside of normal business hours in the event of an emergency at your property.  

Fire Incident Reports

A property owner, or agent acting on behalf of a property owner, may request a summary report outlining general details of a fire incident or motor vehicle collision. A fee of $90.40 applies and reports can take up to 5-10 business days to complete. Complete the Fire Incident Report Request Form and submit the completed form along with a cheque by mail to Whitby Fire HQ, 111 McKinney Drive Whitby, ON, L1R 3M2.

If you require complete records for an incident, please complete the Freedom of Information process through the Office of the Town Clerk.


Public Education

Key Reports


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