Development Charges




Development Charges

In 1997, the Province of Ontario passed the Development Charges Act, 1997. The act authorizes municipalities to pass by-laws to help recover some of the capital costs incurred in providing services to residential and non-residential developments.

On March 20, 2017, Town Council passed By-Law No. 7255-17 being a by-law to impose development charges on residential, commercial, and other non-residential development. In accordance with this by-law, development charges are set by type of development for each service, and are listed on the Development Charges Chart below for reference.

On September 19, 2017, Town Council passed By-law No. 7319-17 being a by-law to amend the development charge rates imposed in By-Law No. 7255-17 on residential, commercial and other non-residential development.

Development Charge Pamphlet

The Town of Whitby development charges are indexed annually on January 1st of each year in accordance with the most recent twelve-month change in the Statistics Canada Quarterly, "Construction Price Statistics" (Catalogue Number 62-007, CANSIM Table 327-0043).

All development charges (Municipal, Regional - including GO Transit, and Educational) are collected by the Town of Whitby and forwarded to the Region of Durham or the School Boards, as applicable.

Current Development Charge Rates

Development Charge Schedule at July 1, 2020

Current Development Charges By-Law

Development Charge By-law No. 7255-17
Amending Development Charge By-law No. 7319-17
Notice of Passing of Development Charges By-law

Development Charge Background Study

2016 Development Charges Background Study
Whitby Development Charge Amendment Study - July 19, 2017

The Town of Whitby is currently in process of updating the Development Charge Background Study, and will post the draft study once it is completed.

January 1, 2020 Changes to the Development Charges Act and Town of Whitby DC Policy.

Please refer to staff report CS 17-20 for information pertaining to the changes to the Development Charges Act and relevant Town DC Policy including the:

 Timing of Payment of Development Charges

As per the Town of Whitby’s Development Charge by-law section 20 (1) development charges are calculated and payable in full on the date the first building permit is to be issued. Under section 26.1 of the Development Charges Act there are certain types of development that are eligible for Development Charge Annual Installment Payments

Development Charge Annual Installment Payments Policy F 410

Timing of Development Charge Calculation Policy F 420

Development Charge Interest Policy F 430