Development Charges




Current Development Charges

In 1997, the Province of Ontario passed the Development Charges Act, 1997. The act authorizes municipalities to pass by-laws to help recover some of the capital costs incurred in providing services to residential and non-residential developments.

On March 20, 2017, Town Council passed By-Law No. 7255-17 being a by-law to impose development charges on residential, commercial, and other non-residential development.   In accordance with this by-law, development charges are set by type of development for each service, and are listed on the Development Charges Chart below for reference.

On September 19, 2017, Town Council passed By-law No. 7319-17 being a by-law to amend the development charge rates imposed in By-Law No. 7255-17 on residential, commercial and other non-residential development.

The Town of Whitby development charges are indexed annually on January 1st of each year in accordance with the most recent twelve-month change in the Statistics Canada Quarterly, "Construction Price Statistics" (Catalogue Number 62-007, CANSIM Table 327-0043).

All development charges (Municipal, Regional - including GO Transit, and Educational) are collected by the Town of Whitby and forwarded to the Region of Durham or the School Boards, as applicable.