Corporate Projects and Initiatives



The Town of Whitby is committed to making our community even better. While there are a number of strategies and plans in place, a selection of corporate initiatives will be featured here to keep residents and business owners up to date.

Featured Projects

Active Transportation Plan


The Town is undertaking an Active Transportation Plan (ATP) Study to develop a comprehensive forward-looking plan that contributes to increase Active Transportation opportunities.

Group biking on trail

Project Start: March 2017

Key Dates:

  • Community Open House 1 – May 2017 - Completed
  • Draft Active Transportation Plan – November 2017 - Completed
  • Community Open House 2 – November 2017 - Completed
  • Final report to council in Spring 2018

Anticipated Completion: Spring 2018

More Information

Learn more about the Active Transportation Study PlanActive Transportation in Whitby and view Committee and Council agendas, minutes and reports.

2018 Community Survey


The Town of Whitby is committed to being an open and inclusive organization that is responsive to the needs and concerns of its residents. As part of this commitment, from June 19 to July 6, public opinion firm Forum Research is conducting a community survey on behalf of the Town to gauge resident satisfaction with the Town’s programs and services. The survey will include both a randomized telephone survey of residents and an online survey (hyperlink to survey) for residents to take part in who are not contacted by phone. Survey data collected will provide valuable information to help inform the development of the Town’s annual budgets, strategic plan priorities and program/service delivery.

Click here to take the Community Survey

Project Start: June 19, 2018

Key Dates:

From June 19 to July 6, residents will be invited to take part in a community survey being conducted by Forum Research on behalf of the Town. Residents will either be contacted by phone or have the opportunity to complete the survey online.

Completion Date: July 6, 2018

More Information

Learn more about the Community Survey.

Corporate Rebrand Project


The corporate rebrand is a multi-year project that consists of three phases: research and brand assessment, development, and implementation. Completion of the project will result in a new logo, supporting colours, typography and messaging for the Town of Whitby. A new brand architecture and standards will also be developed to ensure a consistent, united brand is delivered going forward.

Corporate Rebrand Core Attributes

Project Start: September 2017

Key Dates:

Anticipated Completion: 2018

More Information

Learn more about the Corporate Rebrand in Whitby and view Committee and Council agendas, minutes and reports.

Downtown Revitalization


The Downtown Revitalization project is focused on the overall improvement of Downtown Whitby and Downtown Brooklin. Plans and projects aimed at revitalizing Whitby’s downtowns include but are not limited to:

Aerial View of Downtown Whitby

Key Dates:

This is an on-going project with many individual supporting initiatives. See specific project/plan links above for more details.

More Information

The Town’s Sustainability, Heritage, Downtowns and Community Development Division is responsible for the Downtown Revitalization project and its related initiatives, to learn more visit their webpage and view Committee and Council agendas, minutes and reports.

Parking Study


The Town is reviewing the current and future parking needs in Whitby and Brooklin. The Parking Master Plan Study will identify recommendations to create effective and sustainable parking. Results of the study will be used to create a Parking Master Plan that is focused on creating an efficient and sustainable parking systems over the short, medium and long-term.

The Parking Master Plan will also take into consideration the need for and impact of a residential parking permit system.

Parking Study Graphic

Project Start: August 2017

Key Dates:

  • Parking Study launch – August 2017 - Completed
  • Community Engagement and online survey – December 2017 to March 2018 - Completed

Anticipated Completion: end of 2018

More Information

Learn more about the Parking Study and view Committee and Council agendas, minutes and reports.

Town Hall Redevelopment Project


The Town has initiated its multi-year Town Hall redevelopment project, including security and accessibility improvements to the existing building. A key part of the redevelopment project is a master plan informed by a needs assessment that details the vision for the existing site to ensure it serves the community well into the future.

Key Dates:

As a first step, a number of staff who work in the Town’s Public Works, Building and By-Law Services areas will temporarily move across the street, from Town Hall to 3000 Garden Street (at the corner of Rossland Road and Garden Street). The move is expected to be completed this summer.

This project will continue to be brought forward publically as it progresses.

More Information

View Committee and Council agendas, minutes and reports.