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Project Overview

The Town is undertaking a Comprehensive Zoning Review to prepare a new Zoning By-law that:

  • implements Provincial and Regional policy
  • aligns with the Town’s updated Official Plan
  • reflects current zoning practices, and
  • is web-based and user friendly to read and navigate.

A zoning by-law puts rules, with accompanying maps, into place so that residents and developers know what to expect as Whitby transforms, changes and grows.

The review will look at all properties, including residential, commercial and industrial properties in Whitby. The review and resulting new Zoning By-law will provide a way for the Town to manage land use and future development.


Project Timeline

  • 2020 – engage a consultant to lead the project and complete background studies, analysis and strategic direction
  • 2021 to 2023 – develop a draft by-law for community consultation and refinement
  • 2024 – final adoption of updated Zoning By-law


Frequently Asked Questions 

What is a zoning by-law?

A zoning by-law sets out the rules for how we develop and use land in our town. The by-law tells us:
  • What a property can be used for (e.g., commercial or residential);
  • Minimum lot sizes
  • Where buildings can be placed (distance between edge of property and building);
  • How tall, what size, and how many buildings can be built (including rules for accessory structures like sheds and gazebos); and,
  • How many parking spaces are needed, and where the parking spaces can be located.

 What are some of the different types of zoning for land?

  • Residential
  • Commercial
  • Industrial
  • Agricultural
  • Environmental
  • Institutional
  • Open Space (includes parks)

 What types of properties will the Zoning Review look at?

The zoning by-law review will look at each property in the Town to determine if the current zone and rules are still appropriate. This includes residential, commercial and industrial land uses in Whitby.

 When was the existing Zoning By-law established?

The Town has three Zoning By-laws that all predate the approval of the Region and Town Official Plans. Zoning By-laws 1784 and 2585 were approved in the 1960s. Zoning By-law 5581-05 for lands in the Oak Ridges Moraine was approved in 2006.

 Why is the Town reviewing the Zoning By-law now?

In 2018, the Town completed an update to the Whitby Official Plan. The Town is undertaking a Comprehensive Zoning Review to ensure that the new Zoning By-law:
  • implements Provincial and Regional policy
  • aligns with the Town’s updated Official Plan, and
  • reflects current zoning practices.

How can I get involved in the review process?

A community engagement campaign will be launched in 2020 and communicated about through the Town’s website, social media and eNews channels. Check back at for details.



Background Documents


Additional Information

The Comprehensive Zoning Review is one of 12 action items contained within the Town’s first Business Plan. View the Business Plan here.



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