Committee of the Whole




Committee of the Whole is a meeting which involves all Members of Council sitting as a standing committee. This allows all members to fully participate in debate and forward recommendations to Council for final decision. Council must then ratify the recommendations made at Committee of the Whole meetings in order to give effect to them.

Committee Members

  • Mayor Mitchell
  • Regional Councillors Leahy
  • Regional Councillor Mulcahy
  • Regional Councillor Roy
  • Regional Councillor Yamada
  • North Ward One Councillor Lee
  • West Ward Two Councillor Newman
  • Centre Ward Three Councillor Drumm
  • East Ward Four Councillor Shahid


Committee of the Whole meetings are held in accordance with the annual meeting calendar available below at 7:00 p.m. in Council Chambers, Town Hall, 575 Rossland Road East.

Agendas, Minutes and Reports

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