Sustainability Advisory Committee




The role of the Whitby Sustainability Advisory Committee (WSAC) is to promote sustainability, support environmental management, and respond to climate change by:

  • Providing advice, support, and guidance to Council regarding sustainability, climate change, and environmental management issues
  • Supporting education, awareness, and stewardship in the community through engagement, outreach, and advocacy.
  • Assisting the corporation and the community to identify, develop and implement plans, programs, policies, strategies, and action.

Committee Members

Membership: 1 Member of Council, 12 Citizen Appointments, 1 Whitby in Bloom Representative, 2 Youth Council Liaisons

  • Regional Councillor Yamada (Mayors Designate)
  • Jade Schofield (Staff Liaison)
  • Jodi Janwin (Staff Liaison)
  • Beatrice Adesemowo
  • M. Christine Castle (Vice-Chair)
  • Gayle Giesbrecht
  • Melanie Maloney
  • Deborah McCord
  • Miranda Pautler (Chair)
  • Judy Rivers
  • Robert Toyama (Whitby in Bloom Committee Representative)

Meeting Dates, Agendas and Minutes

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Volunteer with Whitby Sustainability Advisory Committee

You can become involved by volunteering with the Whitby Sustainability Advisory Committee.  Complete our volunteer application form to get started.