Landscape Plan Guidelines



The Town of Whitby seeks excellence in the design and implementation of landscape works that maintain and enhance the quality of life. Landscape works integrate the built environment with the natural environment, enhance the visual character of neighbourhood streetscapes and contribute to the long-term success of new developments. Proposed landscape works shall be based on high-quality urban design principles and standards that ensure new developments are safe, attractive and environmentally sensitive. The submission of a landscape plan is required in conjunction with all Site Plan and Subdivision applications in the Town of Whitby.

The guidelines provide a checklist of typical information required to be included on a landscape plan, as well as design criteria and standards for proposed landscape works within new and existing developments. These guidelines should be applied subject to such adjustments as may be deemed reasonable and appropriate due to the proximity of site servicing requirements, setback requirements and in accordance with the associated Subdivision and Site Plan Agreement, Letter of Undertaking, Council resolution or other such direction. Additional chapters in the Guidelines address inspection requirements, letter of credit administration and additional resources.


Appendices make reference to Town of Whitby standard notes, details and information for use in the preparation of landscape plans for submission with Site Plan and Subdivision applications.

Notes, Details and Reference Information for Site Plan Development Proposals

Notes-Subdivision Development Proposals


Planting Details

Fencing Details

Recommended Tree Species

Information for Distribution to Residents