Home Based Businesses



The Town of Whitby permits home based businesses (HBBs) in any zone that permits a dwelling unit subject to the criteria outlined in the Zoning By-law and the Official Plan.

Zoning By-law

The Town of Whitby has three parent Zoning By-laws that apply to different areas of the Town. The zone provisions governing home based businesses are similar but have slight differences. Please contact the Planning and Development Department if you are not certain which By-law applies to your property.

The home based business provisions can be found in the General Provisions sections of Zoning By-laws 1784, 2585 and 5581-05. You can download the Zoning By-laws here:

Zoning By-laws


An HBB is a business activity conducted within a dwelling unit. The business activity must be secondary to the residential use and the dwelling must be the principal residence of the business operator. Certain uses which are considered incompatible with residential areas are prohibited. See the Zoning By-laws for the full list of prohibited uses and other provisions.


At this time the Town of Whitby does not license HBBs.


Should you have any further questions regarding zoning for home based businesses please contact the Planning and Development department at 905.430.4306 or open a new window to send an email to the Planning and Development Department

To file a complaint regarding a possible by-law contravention, please contact By-law Services by email or complete the online complaint form below.

All complaints, including emails, must contain the complainant's name, address and phone number. Please note that all personal information about complaints is kept confidential.