Heritage Properties



The Town is required to create and maintain the Heritage Register in accordance with the Ontario Heritage Act (OHA). The Town's Register contains:

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Whitby's designated properties are outlined in Sections A and B of the Register below.  The Town's non-designated (or listed) properties are outlined in Section C.  To find a property, search for the property address in the Property Index.

Town of Whitby Heritage Register

 Property Index

Section A - Individual (Part IV) Designated Properties

Section B - Part V Designated Properties - Brooklin HCD

Section C - Listed Properties (NOT Designated)

Download the Brooklin HCD map to determine what area is covered by the guidelines

Information on Designating your Property

The Town of Whitby has over 60 Individually Designated Properties.  Sometimes properties are designated through the development process ensure our cultural heritage resources are protected while at other times, property owners want to initiate designation of their homes to both express their pride of ownership and to conserve their homes for the benefit of future generations.
Please see our Heritage Designation Information Package for more information on how to designate your home.  This information package also contains an appendix on how to research your property.

Brooklin Heritage Conservation District

Under Part V of the Ontario Heritage Act, municipalities are able to designate certain areas as Heritage Conservation Districts (HCD), and adopt Plans for preservation of heritage resources and management of development within the HCD.  The Town has one approved heritage district referred to as the Brooklin Heritage Conservation District. 

One of the initial steps of this study was to evaluate the existing properties within the district and rank them according to their heritage significance.  The inventory sheets are used in determining the importance conserving the structure(s) in the District.  The inventory sheets are also used in determining if a property qualifies for the Heritage Property Tax Rebate Program.

Inventory Sheets For Brooklin HCD (organized by street name)

This District contains a district plan with guidelines to ensure the character of the area is maintained as growth occurs.

Requesting Removal of a Non-Designated Property

The Town has experienced an increase in requests to remove properties from the municipal heritage register (‘the register’). The Ontario Heritage Act (OHA) R.S.O. 1990, as amended, provides the legal basis for protecting heritage properties. While a framework to designate the properties and remove the designation on a heritage property is clearly set out in the Act, a similar framework is lacking for listing/delisting a property.

In order to ensure a consistent approach is undertaken, the Town, in consultation with the Heritage Whitby Advisory Committee, established a document to provide a formal process to manage requests to remove properties from the register.

Information on the de-listing process and the Removal of a Non-Designated Property application form can be downloaded to further assist you in preparing any required plans, reports or information.

Archaeological Resources

The Region of Durham is responsible for the identification, evaluation, and protection of archaeological sites as part of the development review process. 

LACAC Heritage Whitby Committee takes an active role in promoting local archaeological resources and developing an overall awareness in the community about their importance.

Please see the the Town's Archaeology Resources Fact Sheet to find out more.

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