Heritage Permit Application



Heritage Permit Application

A heritage permit is required to make changes to properties designated under the Ontario Heritage Act. Properties that are listed (not designated) in the Heritage Register do not require a heritage permit.  To determine if your property in designated or listed, see the town's online Heritage Register.

 Heritage Planning Staff should be contacted initially to discuss your project and the process.  Information on the Town's Heritage Permit Application and the Heritage Permit Application form can be downloaded to further assist you in preparing any required plans or information.  If your property is designated as part of a heritage conservation district, you can review the heritage district plan which provides guidelines on how to ensure alterations are sympathetic to both your building and the district.

The Town of Whitby has compiled a list of tradespeople in Durham Region and surrounding areas who have experience working with historic properties and structures. This list can be a helpful resource when undertaking alterations to your heritage property. A copy is currently available by request to the planning department.

Heritage permit applications are reviewed and approved by Heritage Planning Staff when they meet heritage guidelines and requirements.  Larger applications are also reviewed by LACAC Heritage Whitby at monthly meetings.

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