Doors Open Whitby Advisory Committee




The Doors Open Whitby Advisory Committee is responsible for:

  • Identifying sources of funding, sponsorship and grants to support the operating costs of the Doors Open Whitby event;
  • Creating marketing and promotional plans to attract local residents and visitors to our community, and learn more about Whitby's unique buildings, sites and spaces;
  • Assisting in the development of a community engagement plan to secure event sites along with community based organizations and volunteers to participate in the event;
  • Providing consultation, advice, report findings and recommendations, as required, to Council;
  • Ensuring a safe and secure event by developing an event plan and establishing the assistance of ancillary services, including Durham Regional Police Services; and,
  • Attending on the day of the scheduled event.

 Committee Members

Membership: 1 Member of Council, 6 Citizen Appointments, 3 Heritage Whitby Advisory Representatives

  • Councillor Rhonda Mulcahy (Mayor Designate)
  • Rebekah Noseworthy (Staff Liaison)
  • Lara Scott (Staff Liaison)
  • Sarah Ferencz (Whitby Library Representative)
  • Olex Wlasenko (Station Gallery Representative)
  • Costanzo D'Angelo
  • Sue Green
  • Joyce Marshall (Vice-Chair)
  • Rick McDonnell (Chair)
  • Pamela McPherson
  • Pavel Zeman


Meeting Dates, Agendas and Minutes

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