Youth Events



Learn about upcoming youth events in Whitby. These events, designed to capture the interests of a diverse youth population ages 12 to 18 and offer opportunities for interactive fun.


Celebrating Youth Awards

Town of Whitby’s annual Celebrating Youth Awards, recognizes outstanding young leaders in Whitby who have made positive contributions to the community.  

Congratulations to the 2018 Celebrating Youth Award Nominees:

  • Chloe Carson
  • Dante Arthur
  • Derek Nguyen
  • Emma Hendrikse
  • Isabella Sacco
  • Jack Rendall
  • Jishnu Talukdar
  • Kaylee Dunn
  • Luke Nguyen
  • Margaret Maceachern
  • Maryam and Nivaal Rehman
  • Oscar Li
  • Paraney Babuharan
  • Regan Lackner
  • Robert Duff
  • Sally Meseret
  • Seaha Yoon
  • Sofia Zamorano
  • Taryn Byers
  • Tessa Vandenbroek
  • Yaathavan Rajshankar

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Youth Week in Whitby

National Youth Week - May 1-7, 2018
Whitby Youth Week is an annual, week long series of high profile events and activities dedicated to youth. It is designed to celebrate youth culture, recognize the positive contributions youth have made to our community and showcase services for youth.

May 1 - Whitby Youth Fair (for students, by invite only)
May 2 - McKinney Youth Room Open House, Henry Youth Hub Open House, and Brooklin Youth Room Open House
May 3 - Art Attack Event
May 5 - TBD (further details to come)

Whitby Idol

Whitby Idol, presented by the Whitby Youth Council, provides youth with the opportunity to showcase their vocal talents.  

Congratulations to our 2018 Whitby Idol Finalists:

  • Alesha Stevenson
  • Angel Hope Lazaro
  • Breanna Ells
  • Campbell Ralston and Allison Beadle
  • Charleigh Lepp
  • Claire Macaulay
  • Janest Calubayan
  • Jenny Frost
  • Lauren Beauvais
  • Malaika and Amara Lorde
  • Naya Liviah
  • Riley Wheater

Auditions will take place at the Music Scene, and the final showcase will be held at Whitby Centennial Building March 1, 2018. 

 Whitby Idol 2018


Art Attack

In partnership with the Station Gallery, Whitby artists between the ages of 12-18 will be invited to submit works of art to be showcased during Youth Week.

Artwork submission categories include: Drawing and Painting, Sculpture, Video and Film, Photography, Graffiti, Fashion and Jewellery, and Spoken Word.

Art Attach 2018




You can volunteer at these fantastic events by becoming a part of the Whitby Youth Council.