Tree Services



The Town of Whitby's goal is to create and maintain a safe, healthy, diverse, and sustainable urban forest that reflects the needs of the community. The Town's urban forestry management program includes the general maintenance of trees located on Town streets, parks, and other designated Town properties.

Maintenance of Town owned trees involves:

Tree Inspection

The Town performs tree inspections to ensure the safety of its residents and in response to residential questions or concerns.


Tree Planting

The Town plants about 600 trees each year along streets and in parks. This involves planting trees at new locations or replacing trees that have been removed. More trees will be planted for the next 3 to 4 years to replace ash trees that were removed from the damage caused by the emerald ash borer.

Tree Pruning

The purpose of pruning is to produce safe, healthy trees. Pruning for safe trees involves removing branches that could fall and cause injury or property damage, or removing branches that interfere with lines of sight on streets or driveways. Pruning for healthy trees involves removing insect or disease infested wood and removing crossed and rubbing branches. Pruning can best be used to encourage trees to develop a strong structure and reduce the likelihood of damage during storms. The Town's tree pruning program involves pruning residential street trees on a 5 year cycle. Residents may request pruning of trees by contacting the Public Works Department, Operational Services.

2017/2018 Block Pruning Schedule

Tree Removal

The Town removes municipal trees that pose a safety hazard or trees that may not be saved due to insect, disease, or other irreparable damage. If a tree needs to be removed adjacent to your property, prior notification will be given to the homeowner.

Tree Removal Image

Plant Health Care

Maintaining a healthy tree in the urban environment can be difficult due to poor site conditions. All trees, regardless of their age, require water regularly. Newly planted trees need to be watered every week from April to November, for 3 years, to become well established. Adding mulch around the base of the tree will help preserve moisture and add nutrients to the soil. The Town applies water and mulch to newly planted trees on non-residential boulevards and in parks.

Plant Health Care

Insect and Disease Management

Insects and diseases are a natural part of the environment and are commonly found on trees. Most insects and diseases will not harm the tree; however, the Town of Whitby uses and encourages the practice of a Plant Health Care program. This will help trees maintain their health and become more resistant to insect and disease problems.