Traffic Control



All road users - motorists, cyclists, and pedestrians - must obey the rules of the road. These rules are defined in the Ontario Highway Traffic Act and through local traffic by-laws.

Highway Traffic Act

The Highway Traffic Act (HTA) is the governing legislation, enacted by the Provincial Government, to oversee the operation of the Province's roads. The legislation defines who can operate a vehicle, what a vehicle is, the statutory speed limit, and many other rules that, if broken, may result in charges under the HTA. For the latest edition of the Act, please visit the Service Ontario e-Laws website. If you have ever been charged with a moving violation, the police officer will cite the Highway Traffic Act. The Act provides clear direction by which motorists and pedestrians are to behave on a public roadway. In the Region of Durham, police services are provided by either the Durham Regional Police Service or the Ontario Provincial Police .

Town of Whitby Traffic By-Laws

The Town of Whitby traffic by-laws are legal descriptions, endorsed by Town Council, that regulate traffic on Town roads. By-laws are used to regulate parking and stopping, speed limits, turn prohibitions, roads under seasonal weight restrictions, and various other rules of the road.

By-law: Traffic (PDF, 1.5 MB)

Request for Traffic Operational Review

If you are concerned about traffic issues in your neighbourhood (e.g., speeding, short-cutting, etc.), and believe that a traffic operational measure should be considered, please complete the "Request for Traffic Operational Review" form and return it to the Town of Whitby Engineering Services by email or mail as identified on the form. Please provide a clear description of your concerns, specific location, the time of the day when the problem(s) occur, and any other general observations.

Request for Traffic Operational Review Form (PDF, 19 kB)

Upon receipt of your request, Town staff will investigate the traffic operations in your neighbourhood and will respond as soon as possible to your inquiry. However, please be aware that it could take several months to obtain all the relevant traffic data.

Before making a request for traffic operations review, please review the Roads and Transportation: Frequently Asked Questions, as a response to your concern may already be addressed.

Weight Restriction 2020 Season

Weight restrictions regulations will be in force on roads under the jurisdiction of the Town of Whitby from approximately March 1 to April 27, 2020.  Weather conditions will determine the actual end of the enforcement season.

Vehicle loads are restricted to FIVE TONNES per axle, in accordance with Town of Whitby By-law #1718-84, as amended.

Signs will be erected on Town roads where these weight restrictions apply.

If you have any questions regarding Town roads that are exempt from the weight regulations please contact the Operations Centre at 905.668.3437.