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The Taxation division is responsible for billing and collecting property taxes for all properties located within the municipality. Taxes are levied on behalf of the Town of Whitby, the Region of Durham, and the local school boards.

Please review the various pages listed on the left for information that may be of interest to you. If you are a homeowner and looking for a more convenient way to pay your property taxes, please consider our pre-authorized tax payment plan. The Town of Whitby also offers tax relief programs in certain circumstances.

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COVID-19 Tax Relief

Whitby Council has approved a number of measures to provide tax relief to residents and local businesses.

These measures include:

  • A two-month grace period (or 60-day tax deferral) on the April tax instalment with no penalty or interest charged for May or June.
  • Additionally, the first instalment of the final billing scheduled for June will be delayed to July 24 and the second instalment is due September 24.
  • We will also be providing those who use pre-authorized payments with more flexibility and options to spread out their payments.

View all property tax due dates.

Questions and Answers

Q: I currently pay my taxes through your Monthly Pre-Authorized Tax Payment Plan – what options do I have for the next few months? 

A: April and May schedule withdraws will continue as normal on the 15th of each month unless you email back to choose one of these options.

Property owners have the option to email your request to have one or both of the next two withdraws zeroed out as noted below and the "missed" withdraw amounts will be spread out over your July to November withdraws.

Please remember to email us from an email address that matches the property ownership and please also remember to include your property address and current phone number.

If you want to "zero out" (defer) your April 15 withdraw you must email before the end of day April 3, 2020 (property owners can request to have both April and May zeroed out when they email about their April payment). If you only want to "zero out" (defer) your May 15 withdraw you must email before end of day May 6, 2020.

*Please note: if you choose one of these options then these "missed" payments will be included into the final tax billing and spread out equally over your July to November withdraws.

Q: Am I still able to submit banking changes or cancel my monthly pre-authorized payment plan?

A: Yes those requests are still able to be submitted to our office by email to  Please remember to send these into our office by the end of the month before you want the change to take effect.

Q: I see that the Town is offering a 60 day grace period for the April 24th installment, do I have to do anything or is this just automatic for everyone? 

A: This 60 day grace period will be for everyone, you do not need to contact our office if you need to take advantage of this additional time.

Q: What help are you offering property owners who were already behind on their taxes and having trouble paying?

A: In addition to not incurring any interest/penalty charges for your April 24th installment you will also receive the same 60 day grace period for your past due taxes.

Q: I have already submitted a postdated cheque to your office for April 24th, what are my options?

A: All cheques currently submitted in the office will be processed on the specified dates unless a written request has been submitted to to move these payments to a future date prior to the date of the cheque. The fee for this service, if the cheque is dated for April or May, is being waived.

Q: What happens if I make a payment and it is returned to you by the bank for Non-Sufficient Funds, or a different reason?

A: The $ 40.00 administration fee for these returned payments (if they are either an April or May cheque, or your April or May monthly withdraws) are being waived.  Note: you may still have fees from your financial institution.

Q: Is there any change to the timing of the Final Tax Billing?

A: The final tax billing usually occurs in May with tax due dates in June and September. For this year this is being delayed one month, the billing will be in June with tax due dates in July and September.

Q: Do these March 23 2020 tax relief options apply to both residents and businesses?

A:  Yes these do apply to all property owners.


New! Receive your property tax bills online via The Town of Whitby has teamed with epost, the free digital mailbox from Canada Post that makes it easy to receive, manage and store bills and other important documents online.

The service offers a centralized location with just one login and one password. With bank-grade security, epost is safe and secure.

Sign up or log in to now to receive your interim and final tax bills via epost if you pay your taxes by instalments.

When signing into epost please have a property tax bill handy for your personal authentication to confirm you are the owner. Our 'Mailer Name' with epost is Town of Whitby - Property Tax Bill.

In order to receive your 2020 Final Tax Bill online, you must sign up for epost and add your Town of Whitby - Property Tax Bill before May 10, 2020.

After May 10, 2020, you are still eligible to enrol; however, your electronic billings would commence for future bills including the 2021 Interim property tax bill.

Please note, this service is currently not available for any supplemental tax bill mailings or any reminder notices.

Also, there is no change for residents who prefer to receive a paper municipal tax bill in the mail. Only those who voluntarily sign up for epost will receive an online bill.

Property Tax Calculator

Calculate your taxes using the Online Property Tax Calculator. Any questions regarding your Current Value Assessment should be directed to the Municipal Property Assessment Corporation.

Sale of Lands by Public Tender

Sale of Land by Public Tender, in accordance with the Municipal Act, 2001.

Currently there is no properties for sale under this Tax Sale legislation.


No current attachments for Sale of Land by Public Tender.

Email Alerts

If you would like to keep up to date with Notices and Studies, including property tax due dates, subscribe to the Town of Whitby news subscription service. Registering is easy and only requires your first and last name plus a valid email address.