Splash Pads



The Town of Whitby operates 15 splash pads to help families stay cool and beat the summer heat. Splash Pads are closed.

For inquiries regarding annual start-up dates call the Whitby Operations Centre at 905.668.3437.

Enjoy Safe Play at Our Splash Pads

  • Two-metre physical distance required
  • Hand sanitizer is recommended after touching any equipment
  • Parents and guardians are responsible for ensuring their children are maintaining physical distancing and practicing appropriate hand hygiene (bring your own hand sanitizer)
  • Do not use splash pads if you feel unwell, have a cough and/or fever or difficulty breathing
  • Play safe and have fun!


View our Parks and Facilities Map or browse our Splash Pads available at the following parks:

Name of Park Location Max Capacity Map
Baycliffe Park 20 Baycliffe Drive, Whitby 37 View map >
Cachet Park 140 Cachet Boulevard, Brooklin 23 View map >
Carnwith Park 180 Carnwith Drive West, Brooklin 33 View map >
Country Lane Park 3145 Country Lane, Whitby 7 View map >
Darren Park 75 Darren Avenue, Whitby 14 View map >
Folkstone Park 444 McKinney Drive, Whitby 43 View map >
Jeffery Park 210 Jeffery Street 18 View map >

Kiwanis Heydenshore Park

(Temporarily closed for maintenance)

589 Water Street, Whitby 40 View map >
Norista Park 40 Norista Street, Whitby 11 View map >
Peel Park 601 Peel Street, Whitby 11 View map >
Portage Park 20 Portage Trail, Whitby 38 View map >
Rotary Centennial Park 800 Brock Street South, Whitby 5 View map >
Vanier Park  99 Vanier Street, Whitby 16 View map >
Watson Park 101 Watson Street East, Whitby 9 View map >
Willow Park 50 Willow Park Drive, Whitby 7 View map >
Whitby Kinsmen Park 201 Chestnut Street West, Whitby 26 View map >