Snow and Windrow Clearing Services



The Town of Whitby provides sidewalk snow and windrow clearing services for seniors and individuals with disabilities who reside in Whitby. This service includes clearing snow from the windrow created by the snow plough in addition to any sidewalks fronting or siding the property.

Snow clearing on municipal sidewalks adjacent to the property takes place within 24 hours after a 5 cm snowfall ends.  The driveway windrow snow clearing service occurs 36 hours after a 10 cm snowfall ends.  

To be eligible for this service you must be registered with the Senior Citizen's Activity Centre, as either a resident over the age of 65 with no able-bodied person under the age of 65 living in the residence, or a resident who is certified by a medical doctor to be disabled with no able-bodied person living in the residence under the age of 65.

Registration begins October 1, 2018. Print the Windrow Snow Program Application Form and bring it in person to the Seniors' Activity Centre to be processed.

Click here for Windrow Brochure.