Pace Car Program



What is the Pace Car Program?

  • The Pace Car program is a locally delivered, nation-wide program that focuses on raising awareness around travel speed in the community.
  • The Pace Car program involves seeking out community members signing up as Pace Car drivers.
  • Participants sign the Pace Car Supporters Pledge and receive a window decal to proudly display in their vehicles. Pace Cars work to calm traffic throughout a neighbourhood - the more people who participate, the better it works!

What is the Pace Car Pledge?

  • It's simple! When driving, residents agree to drive with courtesy and respect to other drivers, and to drive the posted speed limit.
  • Vehicles become a "mobile speed bump", slowing speeding traffic behind them. Traffic is not only calmed on one street, but throughout a neighbourhood. Drivers also agree to be more aware of, and courteous to, other road users, especially pedestrians and cyclists.
  • Yes, you can make a difference in your community by signing the pledge.

How to Become a Pace Car

  • Visit the Garden Street Branch office to sign the Pace Car Pledge.
  • Place your window decal in your vehicle.
  • Drive the posted speed limit and be courteous to all road users.