Newly Constructed Homes



If you are moving or just recently moved into a new home in Whitby, you may have received a tax bill that does not reflect the market value of your house. The assessment value for most newly constructed homes that are recently occupied reflects only the land value of your property. The total value may not be available until later in 2020 or 2021.

Municipal Property Assessment Corporation (MPAC)

The Municipal Property Assessment Corporation (MPAC) is responsible for valuing all properties in the Province of Ontario. Due to the increased level of construction activity in the Town of Whitby and Durham Region, the Town of Whitby cannot accurately predict when your house will be assessed. It could be as soon as two months or longer than a year. Once the house assessment is received by the Town of Whitby, a supplementary tax notice will be issued to you for the additional assessment for the house. This bill will cover the period of time since the house was occupied. Please plan ahead for your property tax bills.

If you would like an estimate of your annual property taxes, please contact the Town of Whitby and we will calculate an estimate for you based on your purchase price.

Following Assessment

Once your house has been fully assessed, all future tax billings will reflect the combined value of land and house together. You will no longer receive separate tax bills for the land and house values.

Depending on the date of occupancy, tax bills for the "land only" portion of your property taxes may have already been mailed to the developer or the previous owner. Any outstanding amount is the responsibility of the property owner as taxes are a lien on the land.

Pre-Authorized Tax Payment Plan

The Town of Whitby offers a monthly  Pre-Authorized Payment (PAP) plan for payment of taxes. Once your property has been billed (even if it is only for the land value) you might want to consider this program to pay your property taxes. The PAP plan can help you make regular payments toward the full value of your taxes to help minimize the impact of the future supplementary tax bill(s).

If you join this payment plan prior to your home being fully assessed by MPAC, Town Staff will be able to do an estimated monthly amount based on the purchase price and occupancy date that you provide at the bottom of the application form. 

Please remember that this would only be an estimate until your property has been fully assessed.

Need Help?

If you are unsure about the status of your property tax account or if you have any other questions, please contact the Town of Whitby Taxation department at 905.430.4304. 

If you have any questions regarding your property assessment, please contact the MPAC directly at 1.866.296.6722.