Municipal Lots



There are 6 municipal parking lots within the Town's downtown core. These parking lots are strategically placed to allow residents and visitors to shop and conduct business in the Town of Whitby. Pay and display ticket machines are located in each parking lot for the convenience of lot users.   In addition, there is 1 municipal parking lot with 90 parking spaces located in Brooklin's downtown.

Municipal Lot Parking Rates

  • $1.00 per hour

Note: All pay and display machines located in Whitby's downtown accept Visa, Mastercard and coins.  Please note that the pay and display machines located in Brooklin only accept coins.

Vehicles properly displaying a valid accessible parking permit park free of charge in any parking lot and/or metered parking space owned and operated by the Town of Whitby.

The Town of Whitby offers free parking every weekday after 6:00 p.m., and on Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays for all users, subject to the 3-hour maximum parking restriction.

Municipal Lot Parking Passes

Parking Services provides residents and visitors to the Town with the option to lease a parking space in one of the municipal parking lots located in Whitby or Brooklin's downtowns.  Leasing a parking space in a municipal lot provides regular lot users with the convenience of a parking pass rather than having to purchase a pay and display stub each and every day.

Highlights of the leased parking pass program are:

  • Leased parking spaces are available. Discounts are available for longer term leases. 
  • A leased parking pass may be transferred between vehicles, but is only valid in the parking lot for which it was issued
  • Renewal payments can be made in advance of the expiry date of the lease period and Transportation Services staff will mail a renewed parking pass

Should you be interested in leasing a parking space in a municipal parking lot, please contact Transportation Services.

At present, there is availability in municipal lot 3, municipal lot 6 and municipal lot 9.  Please refer to the map below for information on the location of these lots.

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Downtown Whitby Municipal Parking Lot Locations