Garbage and Recycling



The Town of Whitby provides curbside residential waste collection services to Whitby residents. This includes garbage, green bin organics, yard waste, and a special collection program for metals, tires, and other bulky items.

The Region of Durham provides blue box recycling collection service.

It's Waste Reduction Week in Whitby (Oct 21-27)

Waste Reduction Week is celebrated each year across Canada with the goal to educate, engage and empower Canadians to reduce, reuse and recycle waste. Below are some tips on how you can reduce your waste:

1.Learn more about what happens to your waste, recycling and organics.

2. Stop using single-use plastics like straws and plastic cutlery - use a refillable water bottle. Plastic bottles create an enormous amount of plastic waste that can be avoided by simply using a refillable water bottle instead. 

3. Learn to repair and repurpose - check out a repair café’ or look online for some cool ideas on how to repurposing or restore your broken or old or unwanted items.

4. Reduce food waste - buy only what you need, save and eat leftovers, keep track of what is in your fridge, use your green bin or backyard composter for spoiled food.

5. Do a family waste audit - take stock of what you put to the curb and challenge yourself and your family to find ways to reduce your waste by buying things with less (or no) packaging.

 6. Rethink diapers - conventional dispoable dipaers take up a large portion of the waste stream. Try switching to cloth diapers or an eco-friendly disposable brand of diapers.

7. Don't be fooled by "flushable" wipes - "flushable" wipes are not actually flushable and clog municipal water treatment infrastructure. Flush only the 3 Ps (pee, poop and [toilet] paper).

8. Donate unwanted items - give your things (like clothing, house wares, furnature and toys) a second life by donating them to to family member, freind, neighbour or your favorite non-profit charity.

9. Detox your home - use plant based cleaning products that are less harmfull to the environment.

10. Properly dispose of household hazardous waste  - at a Regional Transfer location for proper disposal.

2019/2020 Waste Collection Calendar


Download the 2019/2020 Waste Calendar

(Valid from June 1, 2019 to May 31, 2020)


Find Your Garbage Day - Get Free Reminders - Download Whitby's Waste Buddy App

Visit our Garbage and Recycling Schedule page to find out when your garbage day is. Sign up for our free Waste Buddy App for automated waste collection reminders (sent via email, digital calendar, text or telephone message) and never miss another garbage day!


Not Sure Where It Goes? Ask the Waste Wizard!

Use Whitby's Waste Wizard directory to look up items and find out how and where to dispose or recycle them.


Who Does What?

Note: The blue box recycling program is not provided by the Town of Whitby. Details on this service are provided to the residents of and businesses in Whitby for information purposes only. Inquiries about this service should be directed to the Region of Durham.
Waste TypeTown of WhitbyRegion of DurhamRegional Waste Management Facility
Residual household waste (garbage) Yes   Yes
Blue box recycling   Yes Yes
Extra or replacement blue boxes   Yes  
Green bin (organic) waste Yes    
Extra or replacement green bins   Yes  
Backyard composters   Yes  
Leaf and yard waste Yes   Yes
Special collections Yes    
Electronic waste Yes   Yes
Household hazardous waste     Yes
Battery recycling Yes Yes Yes
Used tires Yes   Yes
Porcelain Yes   Yes


Award-Winning Program

Whitby has consistently achieved the highest waste diversion rates in the Region of Durham and has been recognized by the Recycling Council of Ontario for its waste diversion program and its achievement. Keep up the great work Whitby!


2019 Community Waste Events

(All of our community waste events have completed for 2019.)


Re-Use Options

Please consult the following web sites for a complete list of accepted materials for re-use:


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