Community Connection



Community Connection, a non-profit organization, provides affordable recreation, leisure and special interest programs in Whitby and Brooklin. Working with the Town of Whitby and the Durham Board of Education maximizes the use of school facilities and encourages community involvement. All profits are invested back into local schools, projects, initiatives, or special events in the community.

A wide range of affordable programs is available including fitness, arts and crafts, dance, sports leagues and programs, drama, cultural, and educational programs.

Community Connection programs are offered at the following locations:

  • Bellwood Public School, 30 Bellwood Drive (Bellwood)
  • Brooklin Village Public School, 25 Selkirk Drive (Brooklin Village)
  • Donald A Wilson Secondary School, 681 Rossland Road West (D. A. Wilson)
  • Glen Dhu Public School, 29 Fallingbrook Street (Glen Dhu)
  • John Dryden Public School, 40 Rolling Acres Drive (John Dryden)
  • Meadowcrest Public School, 20 Vipond Street (Meadowcrest)
  • Ormiston Public School, 20 Forest Heights Street (Ormiston)
  • Pringle Creek Public School, 80 Ribblesdale Drive (Pringle Creek)
  • Sinclair Secondary School, 380 Taunton Road (Sinclair)
  • Whitby Shores Public School, 485 Whitby Shores Greenway (Whitby Shores)

Available Programs and Registration

To view all of the programs Community Connection has to offer and to register today, please visit the program registration page.

Employment Opportunities

Volunteer Opportunities

You can volunteer with Community Connection by serving on our Board of Directors, joining our Student Assistant Instructor Program or assisting with special events. Here are the benefits to becoming a Community Connection volunteer:

  • Contribute to a sense of community in your local neighbourhood
  • Assist in offering affordable, high quality programs to residents
  • Create connections with other families in your neighbourhood
  • Make a valuable contribution to your local community

Volunteer on the Board of Directors

For Community Connection to be successful, we need people like you to serve on the Board of Directors. The Board consists of a chair, vice-chair, treasurer, human resources liaison, operations liaison, and a school liaison for each Community Connection site. The Community and Marketing Services Department and Board of Directors volunteers:

  • Attend monthly meetings regarding the operation, personnel, and financial matters of Community Connection
  • Suggest programs at the various locations
  • Promote awareness of Community Connection
  • Assist with projects


Community Connection meetings are generally held the last Thursday evening of each month at 7:00 p.m. at the McKinney Centre. The Community Connection Annual General Meeting is Wednesday, March 27 at 7:00 p.m. at the Brooklin Community Centre and Library.

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Student Assistant Instructor Program

The Student Assistant Instructor Program allows high school students to work toward completing their 40 hours of volunteer service, while acquiring skills important for obtaining a part-time job or entrance into post-secondary programs. For further information, call 905.430.4300 extension 6440.

Special Events

Whitby's Canada Day Fireworks Event is sponsored by Community Connection. Our dedicated Board of Directors and volunteers work diligently to provide a Canada Day program for all to enjoy.