Sidewalk Snow Clearing



Ice and snow on sidewalks and walkways present a significant danger and can cause unnecessary and avoidable slip and falls. The Property and Boulevard Maintenance By-law requires homeowners, tenants and businesses to clear all sidewalks abutting their property from ice and snow.

What you should know

After a snow fall, homeowners and tenants have twenty-four hours to remove all snow and ice from any sidewalks abutting their property.  Failure to comply with this by-law may result in the Town removing the ice and snow from the sidewalk at the property owner's expense.

A General Guide

  • Every owner of a building whether occupied or unoccupied, or vacant land is responsible for clearing any sidewalks abutting the building or land of ice or snow within twenty-four hours after the accumulation of the ice or snow.
  • Snow, ice or slush from a sidewalk cannot be deposited onto a street
  • Snow, ice or slush cannot be deposited in any manner which obstructs the visibility or access to a fire hydrant

Still have questions?

If you have any questions regarding snow and ice clearing from sidewalks, please contact By-law Services at 905.430.4345 or by email.

Filing a Complaint

To file a complaint regarding an icy or snow covered sidewalk, please contact By-law Services at 905.430.4345, send an email or  complete the online complaint form below.