Idling of Vehicles



Residents of the Town have the right to enjoy clean air, free from harmful pollutants caused by the unnecessary idling of vehicles.  The Anti-Idling By-law restricts and limits idling times, protecting the health and well-being of the Town's residents.

What you should know...

Generally, vehicles are not permitted to idle for a period of five minutes or longer.  This by-law is actively enforced by the Town's Municipal Law Enforcement Officers and the Durham Regional Police Service.


  • The by-law is not in effect when the outside air temperature is below 5°C or when it is above 27°C
  • Emergency services vehicles including police, fire and ambulance, engaged in operational activities
  • Vehicles where idling is required as part of a repair process or to prepare a vehicle for servicing
  • Vehicles which remain motionless because of an emergency, traffic or weather conditions over which the driver has no control
  • Vehicles engaged in municipal operations where the idling of the vehicle is necessary

Still have questions?

If you have any questions regarding the Anti-Idling By-law, please contact By-law Services at 905.430.4345 or by email.

Filing a Complaint

To file a complaint regarding a possible by-law contravention, please contact By-law Services by email or complete the online complaint form below.

All complaints, including emails, must contain the complainant's name, address and phone number. Please note that all personal information about complaints is kept confidential.