Cat and Dog Registration



NEW: Online Cat and Dog Licences

Residents can now purchase cat and dog licences online. Payments for licences may be made using Visa or MasterCard using the link below.

All cats and dogs over the age of 12 weeks which reside in Whitby must have a Town of Whitby animal licence. Animal licences are inexpensive and are for your pet's protection and safety. 

How does pet registration benefit my pet?

When you register your pet, you will receive a pet identification tag which is to be attached to your pet's collar. If your pet is lost, the identification tag is used by Animal Services staff to reunite you and your pet.

Animal Licence fees help support the return of lost pets to their homes and helps the Town to adopt many homeless pets to new families every year.

What does it cost to register my pet?






Unaltered dog/cat, over 3 months



Spayed or neutered dog/cat



Microchipped dog/cat



Spayed or neutered and microchipped dog/cat



Lost tag replacement



Personal Assistance Dog, Law Enforcement Working Dog, Service Dog



How do I register my pet?

  • Purchase a Cat or Dog Licence Online
  • Buy a licence at the Whitby Animal Services Centre or Whitby Municipal Building
  • Buy a licence at a participating veterinary clinic in Whitby listed in the chart below

Veterinary Clinic



Animal Clinic of Brooklin 105 Winchester Rd. W. 905.655.3811
MacKay Veterinary Clinic 421 Dundas St. E. 905.668.8861
White Oaks Animal Hospital B2-965 Dundas St. W. 905.444.9995
Morningstar Pet Hospital 670 Taunton Rd. E. 905.655.7722
Anderson Veterinary Clinic 1200 Rossland Rd. E. 905.666.4004
Brock Street Animal Hospital 3500 Brock St. N., UN-1B 905.430.2644
Baker Animal Clinic 1627 Dundas St. E. 905.571.3700
Oshawa Animal Hospital 670 Taunton Rd. W. 905.728.4644
Baldwin Animal Hospital 4160 Baldwin St. S., UN-313 905.655.2287
South Whitby Veterinary Hospital 617 Brock St. S.  905.668.3647 
Brooklin Veterinary Hospital 450 Winchester Rd. E. 905.655.3336
Whitby Animal Hospital 3050 Garden St., UN-112 905.430.0470
Global Pet Foods 910 Dundas St. W. 905.493.6474
Global Pet Foods 200 Carnwith Dr. E., UN-4 905.425.1899
Pet Valu Brooklin 5949 Baldwin St. S., UN-12 905.655.1704