Whitby Council Approves 2020 Budget Target

Posted on Monday January 20, 2020

Investing in our community today and for the future

Tonight, Whitby kicked off its 2020 budget deliberations process with its proposed budget target presentation. Whitby Town Council approved the recommended proposed budget target, which represents a 1.99 per cent increase on the total residential bill for Town services or $8.90 per month per household*. The proposed 2020 budget target focuses on delivering the services residents rely on every day, while also preparing the community for future growth.

The 2020 Budget Target Report is available online at whitby.ca/budget. Next steps are:

  • February 3: Proposed budget for 2020 released online at whitby.ca/budget
  • February 18: Public meeting for community input on proposed budget for 2020
  • February 24: Special Council Meeting for final approval of the proposed budget for 2020

To learn more about participating in the process and speaking at Council meetings, visit whitby.ca/delegation. For comments or questions about the budget, contact the Corporate Services Department at treasury@whitby.ca or by phone at 905.430.4300 x2232.


“This proposed budget target will enable the Town to invest in the programs and services that touch our residents every day, like roads, parks and facilities. It also takes into consideration how the Town is planning ahead. Over the next 12 years, the Town anticipates population growth of over 40 per cent; we need to be ready with the space and infrastructure we need for future generations of Whitby residents.”

-       Matthew Gaskell, Chief Administrative Officer, Town of Whitby

“The proposed 2020 Budget Target Report is the result of a comprehensive budget planning process that aligns with priorities residents and local businesses have told us matter most to them, as well as the Town’s Business Plan and Corporate Strategic Plan. We believe this budget provides good value to our residents and strikes the right balance between affordability and preparing for our future growth.”    

-       Ken Nix, Treasurer and Commissioner of Corporate Services, Town of Whitby


  • Roads, recreation and parks represent the highest capital investments in the proposed 2020 budget.
  • Only 9 per cent of all taxes the average household pays are property taxes and only 3 per cent of the taxes you pay go to the Town of Whitby.
  • The Town’s portion of the total property tax bill is 34 per cent. The Town is responsible for collecting property taxes on behalf of the Region of Durham and the School Boards.
  • More than 80 per cent of participants in the Town’s 2018 Community Survey reported that they felt they are getting “good” or “very good” value for their tax dollars. The next survey will be in the spring of 2020.

 Graphic showing percentage of tax dollars received by Whitby

* Based on the 2019 average assessment value of $470,000 as identified by MPAC Property Notice Assessment


Budget 2020 Target Backgrounder Budget 2020 Target Backgrounder