Centennial Building Upgrades

Posted on Thursday December 07, 2017

Centennial Building Receives Canada 150 Upgrades

One of Whitby’s oldest and most historic landmarks – the Centennial Building located on Centre Street South – received a $500,000 upgrade this year.

With support through the Canada 150 Community Infrastructure Program, a cost-sharing program, the Town completed repair and restoration work to the building’s roof, windows, façade and foundation.

As a designated architectural and historical landmark under the Ontario Heritage Act, careful planning was undertaken by the Town to preserve the historical character and architectural features of the building, as well as prevent further deterioration.

History of the Centennial Building

Constructed in the early 1850s, the building served from 1854 to 1964 as a trial court and a meeting place for county council. In 1967, a local Centennial project turned the building into a community centre.

The building underwent extensive renovations in 2002 and 2003 to mark the building’s 150th anniversary.

Today, the building is home to the Whitby Courthouse Theatre, and is also used by community organizations for special occasions, conferences and meetings.