Whitby Council Approves 2019 Budget Target

Posted on Tuesday January 22, 2019

Town’s Impact on the 2019 Residential Tax Bill Approved at 1.94%

Last night, Whitby Town Council voted to adopt a 1.94 per cent increase as the Town’s impact on the total residential tax bill. This represents an increase of approximately $8.36 per month per household*. The Town’s portion of the overall tax bill is approximately 33 per cent.

“More than 80 per cent of residents who took part in our 2018 Community Survey feel they are getting good or very good value for their tax dollars – something of which we are very proud,” stated Matthew Gaskell, Chief Administrative Officer. “This year, the Town’s budget will focus on managing our 2018 investments in strategic initiatives, infrastructure and staffing, while continuing to plan for the future.”

The Town of Whitby delivers a number of programs and services including fire and emergency services, road and winter maintenance, libraries, recreation programs and parks. As such, the following capital investments are included within the 2019 Budget target:

  • parks ($4.7M), recreation ($2.5M) and active transportation ($4.3M);
  • fire and emergency services ($1.6M);
  • roads and stormwater ($19.9M);
  • facilities ($2.1M);
  • communications and technology ($4.1M); and,
  • library ($1.1M).

Specifically, the 2019 Budget target is focused on:

  • continuing to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of program and service delivery;
  • improving the Town’s customer service through facility and technology upgrades;
  • launching our corporate planning framework to provide a roadmap for the future. This includes a new Corporate Strategic Plan, Council’s Goals and the biennial community survey;
  • advancing the redevelopment of Town Hall into a community hub for all;
  • creating local jobs and economic prosperity through investments like the new Innovation Accelerator;
  • building walkable, cycling-friendly neighbourhoods to reduce local traffic congestion;
  • redeveloping and reimagining parks to ensure they meet the needs of residents now and in the future;
  • accelerating the pedestrian focus of the two historic downtowns;
  • launching a new strategy aimed at making the Town’s community engagement more consistent, inclusive and easy;
  • finalizing new sustainable development and urban design guidelines; and,
  • realizing the economic, cultural and social potential of our downtowns, waterfront, green spaces and major attractions.

The budget forecast is an estimate of anticipated revenues and expenses required to provide municipal services for a specific fiscal year. It is a financial plan that forecasts investments, activities and events.

“The 2019 Budget target balances the pressures of continued growth in Whitby with affordability for our residents,” said Ken Nix, Treasurer and Commissioner of Corporate Services. “By focusing on the completion of previous investments, this budget target helps ensure we are sustainable for the future.”

The 2019 Budget target report is available online at whitby.ca/budget.

Key upcoming dates related to the 2019 Budget are:

  • February 4: Proposed Budget released
  • February 11: Budget presented to Committee of the Whole; opportunity for community input
  • February 19: Final approval of the Budget at a Special Council Meeting

For comments or questions about the budget, contact the Corporate Services Department at treasury@whitby.ca or by phone at 905.430.4300 x2233.

* based on the 2018 average assessment value of $437,000 as identified by MPAC Property Notice Assessment