Port Whitby Boat Ramp



Port Whitby Boat Ramp is located at 650 Gordon Street. Larger boats can be launched or hauled out at Port Whitby Marina using a 50-ton marine travel lift, 2 hydraulic trailers, a fork lift, and a mast crane. Patrons can contact the marina to arrange for launches or haul outs.

The Port Whitby Boat Ramp is open from April 15 to October 31. The ramp has a gradual slope and ridged concrete base for excellent traction, and can facilitate three trailers simultaneously. The adjacent parking lot has ample room to park your vehicle and trailer.

The ramp has a height restriction of 10 feet 6 inches to serve recreational small craft.

launch ramp for boats


By water - Coordinates - Near Buoy 4350'92"N, 7855'62"W. A set of red and green buoys mark the harbour entrance. The outer end of the eastern pier displays a lighthouse with a red flashing light. The outer end of the western pier displays a green flashing light. Inside the harbour, follow the buoyed channel to the Marina (North West corner).

By land - From Highway 401, take Brock Street South to Victoria and turn right. Take the third left onto Gordon Street. The ramp is directly opposite Lakeridge Health Whitby on the east side of Gordon Street.

To launch or haul out your boats after October 31, please contact the marina office.