Local Government Week



Local Government Week is October 19 to 23, 2020

The Town of Whitby is celebrating Local Government Week to help bring awareness to the role it plays in the community.

The Town provides a range of programs and services that impact the everyday lives of its residents, businesses and stakeholders. To learn more, check out the 2020 Local Government Week poster.

Meet a Few Members of the Town of Whitby Team

Town of Whitby Legislative Clerk - Quote: I love interacting with residents. When issuing marriage licences I feel like I am sharing a happy moment in residents' lives - their smiles make my day.






Town of Whitby Economic Development Officer - Quote: "I enjoy shaping and implementing economic development ideas for Whitby. Our business reopening kits are one tangible way that our divsion helped local businesses.

Town of Whitby Fitness Programmer - Quote: "I am proud to work for the Town of Whitby because I am able to provide positive health experiences to the community. The Town really takes care of their employees and their Health Club members."

Town of Whitby Special Events Coordinator - Quote: "During this time the Town has been hosting more virtual events and opportunities for engagements. What I love the most about my job is having the ability to adapt our programming and explore new and exciting ways to get everyone involved.

Town of Whitby Recreation Coordinator - Quote: I love that I get to plan events and initiatives that encourage youth engagement and recognize the many talents and accomplishments of Whitby's youth.

Town of Whitby Heavy Equipment Operator - Quote: "I am proud to have worked for the Town for the past 17 years. My job is a blast because my team and our residents are extremely nice. It's an amazing community to be in."

Town of Whitby Sidewalk Plough Operator - Quote: "I am proud to work for the Town because we are like a family, everybody works together to get the job done."

Town of Whitby Digital Media Coordinator - "I enjoy working for the Town because I am able to connect directly with the community through social media."

Get Involved

There are a number of ways residents and businesses can get involved with the Town and stay informed, including:

About the Town of Whitby

The Town of Whitby is a lakefront community that is home to more than 128,000 residents and more than 2,200 businesses. Whitby is the second largest municipality in the Regional Municipality of Durham and located in the heart of the region.

The Town is committed to building a pedestrian-focused, cycling-oriented and age-friendly community, the revitalization of its two historic downtowns and maximizing its wonderful green spaces. 

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