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The Ontario Heritage Act provides legislation to protect Ontario's Heritage Resources.  The Ontario Professional Planners Institute published their January/February 2015 Journal which was titled Charting the Progress of History to review how heritage conservation has changed over the past 40 years.

Our cultural heritage is what makes us unique. Cultural heritage resources can take many different forms including:

  • buildings and structures;
  • streetscapes, landscapes and heritage conservation districts;
  • cemeteries and archaeological sites; and
  • documents, photographs and artefact collections.

The conservation of Whitby's heritage is an important part of the Town's commitment to creating a sustainable community. We conserve our heritage to:

  • enhance our quality of life and sense of history, community and identity;
  • improve our economic health by employing local craftspeople and tradespeople related to conservation;
  • provide a truly unique community with historical resources;
  • improve marketing our community for economic development and tourism;
  • add diversity and character to new development; and
  • contribute to sustainability by reducing landfill waste, and lessening the demand for energy and resources needed for new construction.

Heritage Planning Staff, as well as Heritage Whitby Advisory Committee, promote heritage conservation through the documentation and protection of heritage sites and the implementation of policies to help guide change to these properties and areas.

Heritage Incentive Programs including heritage tax refund opportunities and how to apply for a Facade Grant if you are a commercial property in one of the two Community Improvement Plan Areas.

Heritage Properties - outline of the different types of heritage properties, including links to the Town's Heritage Register.  In addition to built resources, information and links to archaeological resources are included.

Maintenance and Conservation Resources - information and resources on the approach that can be taken for your conservation project including a Contractor List

Heritage Permit Application - information and application forms for heritage permits

Heritage Whitby Advisory Committee - overview of the committee, its members and meeting information

Heritage and Sustainability - information and resources on the link between heritage conservation and environmental sustainability

Heritage and History - information on heritage trails, memorials, cairns and resources for completing historical research

Heritage Planning Studies - current undertakings, heritage studies, and policies and guidelines

Links on heritage conservation and economic effects

In addition to the benefits of heritage conservation towards the Town's sustainability efforts, the following research explores the relationship between conservation and economics:



Other helpful links on heritage conservation: