Adopt-A-Park or Adopt-a-Trail



The Town provides a wide variety of Parks and Trails for citizens and visitors. The Town encourages community groups, neighbours and local businesses to get involved in the enhancement, preservation, and contribution to our many great parks and trails.

The Adopt-a-Park and the Adopt-a-Trail Program is a co-operative program designed to encourage citizens, individuals, organizations, businesses, and clubs to volunteer and assist the municipality to enhance the Town's Parks and Open Spaces by providing the opportunity to contribute financially toward major capital improvements, or minor capital enhancements, or providing the opportunity to provide labour in-kind for clean-ups.

How the Program Works

The Adopt-a-Park and Adopt-a-Trail Program consists of six ways you can contribute:

  1. Donation of Land;
  2. Major Monetary Contribution;
  3. Tree plantings and/or installation of benches around trails;
  4. Way-finding Signage around trails;
  5. Minor Monetary Contribution towards capital construction; and
  6. Environmental Clean-up

An individual or group may provide major monetary contributions to be used for the addition, replacement, enhancement or rehabilitation of structures within a Park. Minor monetary contributions would be utilized to enhance a Park such as through the addition of plantings, trees, and/or benches.

Environmentally conscious volunteers may donate their time to help create a cleaner community and enhance the environment by collecting debris in Parks or Open Spaces.

The Policy also provides for the recognition of contribution of Adopt-a-Park participants through letters of appreciation, park signs and plaques depending upon the type of contribution.

How to Participate

If you would like to donate land, provide major monetary contribution, tree plantings and/or installation of benches around trail or in parks, way-finding signage around trails, or minor monetary contribution towards capital construction, please contact the Parks Planning section.

If you would like to participate in an Environmental Clean-up for a Trail or a Park, get a group of dedicated and enthusiastic volunteers together to start your Adopt-a-Park or Adopt-a-Trail group. Your group can be made up of members from community groups, service clubs, neighbours, friends, seniors, local school children and business owners.

  • Read the Adopt-a-Park Terms and Conditions or Adopt-a-Trail Terms and Conditions.
  • Fill out the Adopt-a-Park Location Agreement Form or Adopt-a-Trail Application Form.
  • Mail, fax, or email the completed form to the address under Contact above.
  • The Town will contact you to complete the process of adopting a park or a trail.

Important Documents

For more information, please contact Parks Planning

Park and Trail Listings

Adopt-a-Park Volunteers

The Town of Whitby would like to congratulate the following groups for adopting a park:

  • Bryson Insurance - Grass Park - 41 Baldwin Street
  • Kendalwood Galaxy Pathfinder Club - Huron Park - 121 Kirby Crescent
  • Ahmadiyya Muslim Youth Association (Durham) - Lady May Park - 76 Lady May Drive
  • Starbucks Coffee Company - Peel Park - 601 Peel Street
  • The Hart of Business - Vanier Park - 99 Vanier Street

Town of Whitby Map of Adopted Parks