Comprehensive Block Plan (CBP)



A Comprehensive Block Plan (CBP) is a guideline that provides an integrated approach to the development or re-development of land within a Study Area as defined by the Town. Study Areas may include one or several properties, and represent single or multiple ownerships.

The preparation of a CBP may be required prior to major development, re-development or rezoning in certain prominent areas defined through policies of the Town’s Official Plan (OP) and Secondary Plans. Exemptions from this requirement are based on the scope and complexity of the proposal. Proponents should contact the Planning and Development Department to discuss the requirement for a CBP when considering a development proposal.

CBP Terms of Reference (ToR)

In January 2019, Council endorsed Planning and Development Staff Report PL 4-19 (see Attachment #1) regarding a Guide and Terms of Reference for Urban Design Plans and Comprehensive Block Plans. The ToR is a guide for use by developers, landowners and their consultants in the preparation and submission of a CBP. The ToR describes the essential features included in a complete CBP.


A CBP is required to be approved by the Planning and Development Department prior to preconsultation or submission of a development application within the Study Area, unless exempted from this requirement.

Reports and Endorsed Comprehensive Block Plans:

  • Baldwin and Winchester Urban Design Plan and Comprehensive Block Plan (PL 43-19)
  • Brooklin Community Secondary Plan Area Comprehensive Block Plan (PL 55-19)
  • Conlin Anderson Comprehensive Block Plan (PL 56-19)
  • Southeast Qaudrant of Baldwin and Winchester - Madison Brooklin Developments Ltd.