Town Council Approves 2018 Budget

Posted on Thursday February 22, 2018

Quality service delivery and planning for growth identified as continued priorities

Tonight, at a Special Council meeting, Town Council approved the 2018 Budget that is focused on the continued delivery of high quality programs and services to residents, while making key investments that help prepare the Town for future growth.

The Town’s portion of the overall property tax bill increase is 0.98 per cent, or $48 for the average household based on the average residential assessment value of $401,000.

The Town is responsible for collecting property taxes on behalf of the Region of Durham and the School Board. The overall tax increase when combined with the regional and educational portions is 1.98 per cent, or $98 for the average household.

“The budget approved by Council today is fiscally responsible and will enable the continued delivery of the programs and services our residents have come to expect of the Town, while at the same time investing in our future,” said West Ward Councillor and Budget Chair Chris Leahy.

More than 85 per cent of the 2018 budget is dedicated to the continued delivery of programs and services – including fire and emergency services, road and winter maintenance, libraries, recreation programs and parks – as well as supporting the ongoing maintenance of the Town’s infrastructure and facilities.

"This budget continues to respond to the needs of our growing community through key investments in public safety, active transportation, the digitization of services and planning for our future,” said Mayor Don Mitchell. “Collectively, our 2018 initiatives are aimed at keeping Whitby a place we love to call home.”

Specifically, the 2018 Budget focuses on:

  • building the downtowns as dynamic hubs;
  • improving pedestrian and cycling opportunities and road safety;
  • building walkable, cycling-friendly neighbourhoods;
  • developing a Corporate IT Strategic Plan and Digital Strategy to optimize technology and deliver better customer service;
  • undertaking a community survey to inform operational plans and annual business plans;
  • advancing the creation of a Strategic Plan;
  • investing in economic development opportunities to support the Town’s local economy;
  • developing a Public Engagement framework that inspires civic engagement; and,
  • continuing to move forward on Downtown Whitby Action Plan initiatives.

The following capital investments are also included within the 2018 Budget:

  • parks ($3.2M), recreation ($3.6M) and active transportation ($3.3M);
  • fire and emergency services ($2.1M);
  • roads ($20.9M) and facilities ($1.6M);
  • communications and technology ($1.5M); and,
  • library ($1.0M).

Property taxes are just one of the revenue sources utilized by the Town to support its annual budget. Additional revenue sources include licensing fees, user charges and grants.

The 2018 Budget also takes into account financial pressures from other levels of government and external impacts beyond the Town’s control such as the January 1, 2018, minimum wage increase included in Bill 148 (Fair Workplaces, Better Jobs Act) and Workplace Safety and Insurance Board premium increases.

“The 2018 Budget carefully balances increasing cost pressures and affordable and sustainable delivery of services to our residents,” said Ken Nix, Treasurer and Commissioner of Corporate Services. “This budget continues to achieve a competitive tax rate for Whitby, while making important investments in our future.”

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For comments or questions about the budget, contact the Corporate Services Department by email at or by phone at 905.430.4300 x2232.

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