Benefits of Internet Voting



Accessibility: Whether you are away on personal travel, suffering from illness, working days or nights, have a disability, or just have difficulty travelling, you can cast your ballot from anywhere with an internet connection or working telephone.

Convenience: Remotely cast your vote from anywhere using a computer, smart phone, tablet device, or touchtone phone, 24 hours a day over an eight day period from June 9th to June 16th.

Enviro-Friendly: Reduction in greenhouse gas emissions as voters no longer need to travel to polling locations. Additionally, the Town will no longer require the printing and subsequent shredding of paper ballots, and will be providing Voters' Lists to candidates in electronic format only.

Fast, Reliable, and Secure: The voting process will be serviced by Dominion Voting Systems, who have helped to safely and effectively service many successful Internet and telephone elections for Ontario municipalities.