Special Collection



Large, bulky items that cannot be collected with regular curbside garbage can be scheduled for a special collection.

  • Bulky items include home appliances, mattresses, furniture, and other items too large to fit in a standard garbage bag.
  • Each household is entitled to one free special collection per calendar year for up to twelve (12) items.
  • Additional special collections can be scheduled at a cost of $25.00 for each additional special collection of up to twelve (12) items.

  • Availability of this service is limited and must be scheduled in advance. If you are moving, be sure to schedule your collection before your moving date. Residents must be residing in the home at the time of the scheduled special collection. This service is not available to locations receiving private waste collection service.

For more information on items included in the program, size restrictions, and service details, please review the Special Collections Service Details.

Schedule a Pickup

Residents can schedule their special collection either by telephone or online through the NEW Online Booking Service :

NEW Online Special Collections Booking Service:

What you need to get started:

STEP 1:  Enter your home adressand a valid email in order to receive a confirmation number for step 3.

STEP 2: Select your collection date(s) for the different material categories --Bulk/Metals -- E waste/Porcelain  --  Tires/Fridges(CFCs)  

STEP 3:  A summary page will show you what categories have been selected and if there are any pending fees for your collection. At the same time you will receive an email with a confirmation number.  After reading the Special Collection Service Details, you will need to re-enter the confirmation number to complete the online booking.   A second email will be sent to you confirming your booking.  To get started with your online booking, click on the icon below:

Online booking for special collections 

Telephone Bookings: 

Special collections can also be scheduled by contacting:

Whitby Public Works Department
Phone: 905.668.3437
Hours: Monday to Friday, 7:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.

If you must cancel or re-schedule your scheduled pickup, please allow notice of at least two business days. 

Bulky Goods

Household furniture and other items such as: mattress, box spring, couch, table,etc. chair and bookshelf

Metal Items

Appliances (not including appliances containing CFCs), BBQ (tank and charcoal removed), metal wheel barrow, stove, range hood etc.

Please note: pressurized containers (such as propane tanks) are not accepted in the special collections program. You can take this item to the Regional Waste Management Facility free of charge, or ask at your local fueling  station. 

Fridges/Freezers (CFCs) 

  • Appliances that contain a refrigerant such as fridges, freezers, air conditioners, dehumidifiers, water coolers, etc.

Please note: A $20 fee applies for CFC removal. Residents must purchase a CFC removal sticker prior to collection from selected Town Facilities. CFC and Tires

Used Tires

  • Car, light truck and bicycle tires.

Please note: Agricultural or off road vehicle tires are not accepted

For alternative drop-off locations visit Ontario Tire Stewardship's web site or  ask at your local automotive garage.

Electronic Waste

  • Desktop and laptop computers, computer monitors
  • Computer peripherals (mouse, CD-ROM, DVD drives, Floppy-disk drives, computer mouse, computer keyboards, wired cable, DSL and ADSL modems),Electronic Waste
  • Printing,copying and multi-function devices (i.e. computer scanners, printers, camera dock printers, desktop fax machines,
  •  TVs, telephones and telephone answering machines,
  • Cellular devices and pagers.

    ** Please note: The Town of Whitby is not responsible for any data left on hard drives or other memory devices. Please ensure that all personal information is removed from your e-waste before recycling to protect your privacy and security.

For alternative drop-off locations, visit RecycleYourElectronics.ca.

 Porcelain and sinkPorcelain

  • Porcelain toilets, sinks and tubs. NO ENAMEL OR ACRYLIC.
  • Please note: Enamel sinks and tubs should be booked as a metal collection and Acrylic sinks and tubs can be booked as a bulk item.