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The Town of Whitby offers a property tax rebate for eligible heritage properties. 


The heritage property tax rebate program applies to the heritage portion of properties that are designated as having cultural heritage value or interest under Part IV of the Ontario Heritage Act (an individual property designation).

Properties that are designated within a heritage conservation district designated under Part V of the Ontario Heritage Act, such as Brooklin's Heritage Conservation District, and rated as having excellent, very good, or good heritage value in the heritage district inventory are also eligible for the heritage property tax rebate. For more information on this program, please see the Questions and Answers section below.  

Property Tax Rebate Amount

The amount of the annual property tax rebate is 40 percent on the eligible portion of the property (historical portion) for the Town and school board share of the property taxes. The Region of Durham is not currently participating in this program.


Eligible heritage property owners must apply annually to the Town of Whitby to take advantage of this tax rebate program. If you have any questions regarding the eligibility of your property or the application process, please contact the Town's Planning Department.

Application for Heritage Property Tax Rebate (PDF, 84.1 kB)


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