Doors Open Whitby



Join us for this one-day annual free event that explores the history and the people of Brooklin and Whitby!Doors Open main image. Lusted Residence heritage designation sign.


Event Details

Discover the history of Whitby and Brooklin when buildings and private homes of historical significance open their doors to the public. The 2017 sites highlight the planked "Toll" road from the 1850's, known today as Brock Street. As you travel from our southern sites of Camp X, Ontario Shores, and Station Gallery to the northern sites of St. Thomas Church, Spencer Community Centre and Heartland Equestrian you may travel close to the right of way of the 1870's Railway, known at the time as "The Nip and Tuck."

With 16 sites total and interactive activities happening at each, you are sure to learn something new about our community! 

For an interactive experience... 
Use our Doors Open Whitby 2017 Google Map to easily locate all sites through your smart phone or web browser. Here you can learn about the activities taking place at each site, check out photos and share your own!

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Share your experience on social media and use #WhitbyDoorsOpen. What sites are you excited to see!

  • Date and time:
    Saturday, May 6, 2017
    10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.

  • Locations:
    1. Camp X Memorial, Intrepid Park - 2008 Boundary Road
    2. Rowe House - 301 Front Street West
    3. Ontario Shores Centre for Mental Health Sciences - 700 Gordon Street
    4. Station Gallery - 1450 Henry Street
    5. Lynde House Museum - 910 Brock Street South
    6. Centenntial Building - 416 Centre Street South
    7. Whitby Public Library - 405 Dundas Street West
    8. Trafalgar Castle & The Principals Residence, AKA 'The Cottage' - 401 Reynolds Street
    9. St. Thomas Anglican Church - 101 Winchester Road East
    10. Grass Park - 41 Baldwin Street
    11. Bryson Insurance - Town of Whitby Facade Grant participant - 10 Roebuck Street
    12. Brooklin Community Centre and Library - 8 Vipond Road
    13. Spencer Community Centre - Special Mayor & Council Presentation, 2:30 p.m. - 7035 Country Lane
    14. Charles H. Best Diabetes Centre - 360 Columbus Road East
    15. The Lusted Residence - featured on our brochure and posters - 9560 Mud Lake Road
    16. Heartland Equestrian - 9570 Duffs Road  

  • Cost
    This event is free to attend


Event Highlights

  • Explore various historical locations and learn about the people and places that help to build Whitby and Brooklin

  • Check out our interactive map, or pick up a brochure for full event details, including presentation times
    • Enjoy a guided tour at Camp X memorial by historian and author, Lynn Philip Hodgson
      • NOTE: the tour is now at Centennial Building in the Manning Room and starts at 11:00 a.m.
    • Rowe House will have an antique boat, car and hat display
    • Stop by Station Gallery to see an interactive canvas, print making demo, and learn about the paranormal findings
    • Centennial Building is sure to be a busy spot with a Speaker Series, along with the Ontario Regiment Museum's display of Military Vehicles and a performance by the Whitby Brass Band
    • Take a step inside the never-before seen Principal's Residence , aka the Cottage at Trafalgar Castle
    • Get a live demo and enjoy free wifi as you explore Talking Historical Plaques app at Grass Park
    • See a minature version of the Nip and Tuck Railway, crack the mystery in a Camp X-themed Escape Room and many other children's activities at Brooklin Community Centre and Library
    • Join Mayor Mitchell and members of Council for a special presentation and historical plaque unveiling at Spencer Community Centre 
    • Tour the private home and grounds of the Lusted's Residence

  • View the 2016 Photo Album from Doors Open Whitby Volunteer Carrie Bigelli

  • Learn more about Doors Open Ontario

Doors Open Touring Tips

10 Touring Tips for Doors Open Whitby 2017

  1. Grab a brochure or use our online map:
  2. Plan your trip in advance and account for travel time between sites
  3. Bring a camera to capture your adventures
  4. Share your photos on Facebook or Twitter with #WhitbyDoorsOpen
  5. Dress for the weather and wear comfortable walking shoes
  6. Bring binoculars to get a good glimpse of birds and other wildlife
  7. Follow the Doors Open signs, they'll lead you where you need to go
  8. Ask questions! Site volunteers are happy to share their knowledge
  9. Enjoy lunch at a local restaurant or buy a souvenir at a downtown shop
  10. Have fun!




Accessing the Event

Driving: Take exit 410 from highway 401, North on Brock Street. Sites run from the south at Boundary Road, past highway 407. See the map for full details.

Parking: Residents are encouraged to use active transportation to access this event. Limited parking is available in Town-owned lots for $1.00 / hour. A list of lots can be found here.

On-street parking is available in Downtown Whitby and Brooklin - please obey all parking signs and by-laws.

Active Transportation: Residents are encouraged to walk, bike or use other forms of active transportation to access the site locations. This event is pedestrian focused in the condensed downtown areas.

Durham Region Transit: DRT route 302 Baldwin-Brock  will take you within walking distance of most of the sites. More information on routes and trip planning is available on the Durham Region Trasnsit website.


Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is this event accessible?
    Some locations may be accessible. Please see our interactive map, brochure or contact us at 905.430.4306 for further details.

  • Can I bring my dog?
    No. Dogs are not permitted on Doors Open Whitby sites.

  • Are there shuttle buses/transportation for the event?
    No. Doors Open Whitby is pedestrian focused and event goers are encouraged to use active transportation to access the event.


Get Involved

  • Become a Doors Open Whitby Host Site
    Please contact the Sustainability, Heritage, Downtowns and Community Development office by email or phone 905.430.4306 to find out how you can have your location featured.

  • Volunteer Opportunities
    Information about the many volunteer opportunities at all Town of Whitby events can be found on our Volunteers page.

  • Sponsorship Opportunities
    Aspects of most Town of Whitby events are sponsored by local businesses and community organizations. To find out how your organization can contribute to Doors Open Whitby please contact the Sustainability, Heritage, Downtowns and Community Development office by email or phone 905.430.4306.


Future Dates

Doors Open Whitby is an annual celebration that takes place on the first Saturday of May. Check back for the 2018 Doors Open Whitby date.



Sustainability, Heritage, Downtowns and Community Development office by email or phone 905.430.4306.

The Doors Open Advisory Committee is appointed by Council and works with Planning Staff and Council to undertake the Annual Doors Open Whitby Event. Upcoming Meetings, Agenda Items and Minutes for the Committee's monthly meetings are found on the Town of Whitby Civic Web.